Unseen 2017

I capped off 2017 in a way that would have felt very familiar to a younger version of me: playing Banagrams in Florida with some of my favorite people, drinking red wine, eating berry pie, and going to bed at 10PM like the party animal I am. Personally, it couldn't have been a better finish to one of the most eventful and chaotic years of my life. 2017 has been a lot for me, in a (mostly) positive sense, but I'm not going to bore you with the personal stuff. I'm also going to stay away from the political aspect of this year because... well, yikes. That would go off the rails fast and nobody wants to read that. Instead, as usual, I have some photos to share. In years past I've done recaps of a year's worth of work, but in 2017, the big projects I've devoted myself to aren't quite ready to be made public yet.

There are always those random photos floating around on my hard drives never end up making it to the blog. In light of that, I'm ending the year with a selection of some of these aforementioned odds and ends. I'm sure this will make for a blog post that's just about as all-over-the-place as 2017 was.

Here's Jacopo and Romeo, my program directors at SACI. These guys are wonderful for several reasons: they're both incredible photographers and teachers, genuinely good people, and have somehow put up with me for the past year and a half. These images were taken on an abandoned floor of a palazzo we ended up in while running from exhibition to exhibition in Lucca for the PhotoLux festival in November.

The above and below are from Paris and London, respectively. They are two of my favorite cities and two places outside of Italy I've traveled to for exhibitions during my third semester of grad school.


During May, I spent a bit of time photographing New Hope, Alabama, the town my mother went to high school. I also reconnected with saome extended family in the process.


In addition to the beach photo thing, I worked at a kids’ store from the ages of 16 to 21, and I still take photos for them when I’m home. Gigi’s will forever have a huge chunk of my heart.


I’m working on a couple big projects right now, but even then, I’m trying to get myself out of my studio to take photos for the hell of it when I can. Here are a few shots from around my neighborhood in Florence.


Here's a handful of my analog prints I actually have photos of. One of these days I'll scan these for real...


And lastly, I know I said I wouldn’t get personal, but I couldn't resist. Here are a few images with me and some of the people who mean the most to me in this crazy stage of my life. Sadly I don't even have photos with some of the people who made this year what it was... you are not pictured, but thank you to also Allie, Meaghan, Dagny, Katie, MC, Tina, Andy, and Alessandra for keeping me sane and being all-around fabulous humans. Cheers to 2017… sure, it was a hot mess sometimes, but I have some fabulous people in my life and this year was never ever boring.