Playing with fire

In high school, my weekend entertainment consisted of going out with friends armed with the weirdest props and outfits we could find, finding a cool location (usually on the side of the road somewhere), and taking pictures. There was a lot of trespassing and very little planning, but those adventures are one of the main reasons why photography became such an integral part of my life. Once during my sophomore year, one of the "models" brought along a girl named Dagny to one of these adventures. We had mutual friends, but until then I only knew her from biology class. Fast forward a few years- we got close, ended up at the same weird little college, and continued to take crazy pictures. This year Dagny moved to Chicago, and even though we live across the country from each other, I can't really picture my life without her. She's one of the most genuine, talented, unique people I know, and she never fails to inspire me just by being who she is. Our friendship is built on a solid foundation of wine, a mutual passion for (and sometimes confusion and stress about) our respective creative outlets, the occasional life crisis, and lots of weird photos.

So, to celebrate us both being home for the holidays, we went to the store, bought a $5 slip and some stuff to set on fire, and just went with it. It's not a Dagny photoshoot unless we're in the middle of the woods and there's an element of danger and minimal game plan.

Yeah, Dagny is beautiful. It's kind of unfair to the rest of the world.


And here's some of the other photos we've taken over the years, mostly in order from oldest (yikes) to most recent. We've definitely had some fun.