Delayed flights and Swiss flea markets

Right now I'm in an airport in Switzerland, where I've been visiting a friend in a tiny town that neighbors Geneva. Oh look, my flight seems to be delayed again. Of course. Delayed flights seem to be a pattern in my life this week, but it does give me the time to sort through my photos and write (and also eat a lot of Swiss chocolate because what else does one do to pass the time in the Geneva airport?).

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from Switzerland, but tranquil little Nyon felt like a village out of a fairy tale (this impression was in part enforced by the giant double rainbow that appeared over the castle the night I arrived). It's a quiet place, virtually shutting down on Sunday with the exception of the bustling flea market by the lake. Apparently, if you don't count church, this is the place to be on a Sunday. My friend remarked that sometimes it looks like people are just selling the contents of their attic, and honestly she's right. There's plenty of quirky and interesting stuff to buy, but as with any flea market, a lot of objects for sale are useless and oddly personal. It seems like you could learn a lot about someone by studying their table at a flea market.


After the market, I did some wandering on my own in Geneva. I'm still not on my flight yet, so why not continue with the photos? Here's a slice of life in Switzerland on a late July evening...